Our approach is simple, yet vital to our friends;  to offer a service that surpasses the conventional B2B service and take time understanding their needs, so we can be effective towards their objectives.

Simply put, we care for their success and bring added value towards their goals. That's what has made all the difference for our 10 years of business existence

By building a solid long term friendly and professional approach to our clients, we accomplish a successful F2F (friend to friend) successful 



IX Business Development

No two companies are the same. We understand that even in the same industry every company has unique needs and objectives, that's where IX has been effective. We identify the uniqueness and needs of each company to bring the best possible solutions to achieve their ultimate goals. Find out more how we can assist your business with one of our experience business development professionals.


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Interactive Xperts has recently partnered with the United Southwest Chamber of Commerce in Chicago, allowing us the opportunity to offer our expertise in business development to the hundreds of members in the south west side of Chicago through a series of upcoming business strategies in workshops and seminars.

We thank the United Southwest Chamber of Commerce for this distinctive opportunity to be part of their business partner's network to assist many companies in the area.   


Security Leaders...

Call us today for more information on the right Security Architecture for your home or business and other CCTV solutions and products. 

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IX Services

- Business Assessment

- Business Development 

- Security Solutions

- Marketing & Multimedia

- Professional Web Development

- Powerful Corporate Image

- Online Strategies

Audio & Video Production

- Costume App & Software Development


                  At Interactive Xperts  we realize the                     importance of giving back to the communities that we all

work and live in.